By the hour

I charge an hourly rate of £27, giving you the benefit of admin assistance as and when you need it. I track my time, rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and send you a report with your invoice so you can see a full breakdown of hours. 


If you would prefer to guarantee my availability for a certain number of hours per month, we can agree a retainer. Extra hours can be added if needed and I will keep you informed of the hours used throughout the month.

By the project

For a longer term task, such as event coordination, I can provide an initial quote for the whole project based on details given at the time of booking. This may be subject to change if the project extends or becomes more complex.

Audio transcription

For straightforward audio transcription with one voice and clear recording I charge £1.20 per audio minute. Urgent or more complex transcription will incur an additional charge.