• Rachel Webb Virtual Assistant

Are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Updated: Jul 19

As a professional freelancer are you frustrated at constantly having so many demands made on your time? You're responsible for finance, marketing, sales, IT… and admin. All this could leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and wondering when you will actually get to work in your business, rather than on your business.You're ambitious but don't feel equipped to manage everything that comes your way.

It may be time to let go of some tasks, the ones that don't have to be done by you, such as admin. Letting admin pile up is not going to help you feel in control, balanced and focused. You deserve to be happy and successful and it shouldn’t be this hard!

Are you feeling resistant when even thinking about handing over some of your to-do list to someone else? Imagine your ideal future if you did, though. With the help of a freelance administrator you can:

· be organised

· grow your business

· make more money

· achieve your potential

· have a work-life balance

· have peace of mind

. feel fulfilled.

Who wouldn't want that?! It’s time to delegate!

If this sounds like you, then you're ready to hire a VA. Take one small action towards your ideal future today! Drop me an email at to book a discovery call.