• Rachel Webb Virtual Assistant

5 steps to working with a VA

Updated: Jul 19

The process for working together with a VA is very straightforward but it requires clear communication from both the VA and client.

  1. Firstly, have a half-hour discovery call to discuss your business goals and what’s on your admin to-do list.

  2. Next, identify together the clear tasks, timescales, budget and preferred methods of working and communication.

  3. Have a look through the VA’s contract, terms and conditions document and data protection agreement and have a follow up call to discuss.

  4. If you are happy to go ahead, get together to share passwords, systems, processes and start working together.

  5. Arrange regular reviews to check in with each other to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Why not tick number 1 off your list right now? Drop me an email to book in a free discovery call to get things started.

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